new diet #2

I think my new diet should be eat nothing and have more money left.
I can't afford this meat diet.
Did it make me happy?
Well, when you eat steak every day then what's there to complain about?

But I really wish to save up some money and travel more.
Go to Iceland or something.
Ireland perhaps.
I want to be with nature.
I need help.


I know it sounds lame but all I want for my birtday is to eat cake with my friends from abroad.
You always want what you can't have.
Can't you all fly in for me?


ok, seaching for the tag #ribs on tumblr surprised me indeed.
I was thinking juicy meat that will melt in your mouth.
Other people thought of skinny people.
Oh boy.

new diet

I'm doing lchf or keto.
So far so good.
I had bacon.

I miss:

  • potatoes
  • chips
  • crisps
  • marshmallows
  • ice cream
  • beer
I think I will allow myself to eat carbs once a week or so.
Perhaps twice this week.


Nostalgia day

Rewatching the Mighty Ducks Triology (don't you just love 90's 90 min films?).
After that I will start over with Dawson's Creek.
Pacey Marathon.

My biggest flaws

  • I don't remember birthdays. Friends', my family's, even my own.
  • I don't handle conflicts that well.
  • I take everything on the inside, don't really like sharing.


new old hobby -- and no, I'm not a hipster

I need so time alone with my thoughts so I've taken upp knitting.


whats the difference between the portable dorothy parker and the collected dorothy parker?

I'm trying to order some books but the titles comfuses me.
Portable, Collected, Best of, Complete etc.
Why can't they just publish one book and I can find everything there?
Oh, forget it. I will now watch a movie and eat ice cream.
Sleep, you can go and fuck yourself.
First day of the year I spend in bed.
And I can't sleep.
Not too sure if it's because I'm not tired or because I'm not used to the comfortableness that is the bed.


As I said, I had some wine

my first glass at supper around four thirty.
then my second glass at super number two at ten pm.
and now it's thirty minutes till midnight and I start to feel dizzy.
I'm drunk
let me outta here!
I want Bill Nighy's sweater pants.

Facts about me #2

I change my mind.

I changed my mind about the Shiraz.
It's good, but not very good.
I need to stop drinking wine.
Because I don't really like it that much.
I can drink 1 glass.
2 glasses of white wine if it's sweet and fruity.

I drank half a bottle of champagne at New Year's and I got a bit tipsy and I mixed it with orange pop in order to drink it all up.
Yeah, I'm an adult.
Hahaha, adult chicken.

speaking of wine...

I guess I drink wine because it restrics me.
beer just makes me go on.

Facts about me #1

I like pure shiraz.
A new year has begun.