I want to become an editor when I grow up

Since I'm in seach for a new job and a new life technically, I started thinking about what I really want to do. Profession wise. And it came to me, just like that. Not just like that, this is something that I always wanted but didn't pursue thoroughly. I want to become an editor. I started in 2006 and studied Nordic Languages, Swedish at the UNiversity in order to get a degree in Swedish to become and editor. But I really hated that course and Swedish too. I was boring and kind of difficult. So naturally I failed the course and my dream was put on the shelf in the closet until I was back seaching for happiness. Instead I applied for a course in English but didn't even go to the first class. Instead I worked at the theatre to earn money and started to re-think my goals. I was thinking of biomedical engineering, psychology, business and yes, I turned to business. But you all know, probably not, that I ended up with Media and Communication as a major and now a degree in. So I'm almost there.

So what do you do when you know what you want to do?
Step 1: You google: how to become and editor

Step 2: Follow the steps you find on WikiHow.

Step 3: You are now and Editor!



If I'm lucky enough I never loose my sense of humour.

Begin again

I quit my job today.
I've been working there almost full time for more than 2 years and been loyal to the company for almost 10 years. It was time.
I should have done this years ago, but I was retaredly slow. I became comfortable with having a fairly steady income and was just living life in a mildly destructive way.

It is time for me to start living again. I was dead for more than 2 years. I can't remember much of 2014 except that I was working, sleeping, hanging out with colleagues and that's about it. Oh, I got my first own apartment, yay!
2015 was a long year. I can't remember much except that I worked, slept, hung out with colleagues and yeah, that's about it.

As time goes by I see a pattern. I'm slow. I cope and just move on with my feet in mud  and then it hits me how miserable I am and I realise that I let myself go and should have picked up the paste a bit sooner. This is the second time this happens.

The good thing is that I always land on my feet, so it bodes well. My plan is to first get some air. Apply for jobs, Get my identity and life back. Find out what I want from life. Find the through line.


Back to Nature

I wrote a blog post on my collab blog ginger & chives about how I want to get back to nature. I really do. Perhaps this should be a diary on how I try, fail and succeed. I want to start living without distractions, write and read more, doing nature stuff like hiking, climbing, being close to the ocean, live on the bare essentials.

To do:

  • detox from the Internet and my computer
  • try climbing
  • go hiking in nature
  • write 2 hours/day
    • 4h/day
    • 6h/day
    • 8h/day
  • paring down . the most essential - no distractions
Let's see what happens.


Infinitely Polar Bear

This is the kind of movie that makes me want to buy a TV with some kind of player for films. This is the kind of movie that makes me want to stay inside and decorate my apartment until it's as beautiful as theirs. This is the kind of movie that makes me realise that I'm almost 30 but I still feel like 11 or 8. Watch this movie because it's the best.


my partner

I wanna meet someone who loves food and is a great cook so I can eat well.
He tells me stories every night so I can sleep.
I can do the dishes and he can do the laundry.
I will make playlists and so will he so we can listen to music while we clean.


What's life all about?

Learn what's life is all about?
Is it writing?