I want to become an editor when I grow up

Since I'm in seach for a new job and a new life technically, I started thinking about what I really want to do. Profession wise. And it came to me, just like that. Not just like that, this is something that I always wanted but didn't pursue thoroughly. I want to become an editor. I started in 2006 and studied Nordic Languages, Swedish at the UNiversity in order to get a degree in Swedish to become and editor. But I really hated that course and Swedish too. I was boring and kind of difficult. So naturally I failed the course and my dream was put on the shelf in the closet until I was back seaching for happiness. Instead I applied for a course in English but didn't even go to the first class. Instead I worked at the theatre to earn money and started to re-think my goals. I was thinking of biomedical engineering, psychology, business and yes, I turned to business. But you all know, probably not, that I ended up with Media and Communication as a major and now a degree in. So I'm almost there.

So what do you do when you know what you want to do?
Step 1: You google: how to become and editor

Step 2: Follow the steps you find on WikiHow.

Step 3: You are now and Editor!