who am I?

I think Jackie Chan said it best. Or was it Counting Crows?
I've been going through some thoughts in my head and yet I haven't come to a conclusion yet. I've been having these thoughts ever since I was little, and I still haven't come up with any good answer. I saw Irrational Man today and I started thinking about teaching. It didn't help that I was with a friend who's a teacher and the question if I wanted to teach art has come up several times. I'd love being Robin Williams or Julia Roberts teaching young minds, inspiring them to do what they love, teaching something I love - how funny that a Woody Allen movie brought those feelings. Perhaps because I have a romanticizing image of the University. Even though I studied at several Unis I haven't experienced any romanticism. I'm still living in the dream of going to a boarding school wearing uniforms and all that. So I've looked up some masters and the goal would then be to start doing research, my PhD. A lot of thoughts.

Then there's the personality. I think a lot of people see me as a very joyful and enthusiastic person, who jumps around like a rubber ball. Yes, I'm usually very happy on the outside, but there's a very flat and squary part of me that I usually don't let out. I think I need to be more serious at work in order for people to see me as a authority. So far I got the respect of my colleagues from being sweet, nice and hardworking. But it doesn't hurt that I show my more intelligent, creative and serious side. Oh well, let's see what happends.