Happy Valentine's Day!

I started watching Hungry for Change (2012) but I got very tired after awhile because of... wait for it, my colleague said that the best thing about me is that I don't say "DON'T DO THAT" instead I count up the things you can do instead... they just rambled everything you shouldn't eat for 1h and 29min. I get it, I'm a freelanced meat eater. Instead of picking on me, suggest what you could eat to not get cancer, to feel energized, jeez. I think I should start a positive trend on the Internet. Because we all know that the Internet is filled with negativity so I wouldn't be original.

Tomorrow it's 3 weeks without sin sticks. My plan was to go on a juice cleanse after that but I think I need an Internet and computer cleanse. So solely use my computer and the internet (phone included) for business purpuses only, not time wasting purpuse.
What is business purpuses then, you might ask, you 1 reader.
Let me tell you.
I spend a lot of time infront of my computer instead of sleeping, applying for jobs, being out in the fresh air. It is time to make my life meaningful and I don't think spending time on Facebook, YouTube or watching TV-series are meaningful to a certain extent. Of course I can do it, but it shouldn't be the majority of my time.

Instead I could be outside, meeting people, meditating, painting, writing, doing anything that makes my life better.

There's not really a great ending to this post.
The End.